Panchamahabhutas: The Five Elements That Create The Infinite Universe

Most of us have been taught about the five elements as children but we don't pay much attention to them in our modernised world.

Physicists are now concluding what has been written in the vedas, the oldest scripture available, that the entire physical universe is an infinite ever-growing matrix of the five elements since beginning of time.

This matrix can be more clearly understood when you study quantum physics & light.

The key solution to everything in the physical universe is that what is within is what is outside.

We are made up of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air & ether/space.

They know us & heal us better using their infinite intelligence.

Connecting our bodies with these elements cleanses us from the karmic baggage eventually freeing the yogi from the cycle of birth & death (duality). 

Miracles are quite possible once you master (become one with) any of the elements.

We are going to take a deeper look into them below:

1. Earth Element, Prithvi Tatva:

Earth Element includes all forms of physical matter in the existing physical universe. The smallest particle of matter in an atom to the largest star planet & everything in between all creation of the Earth Element. The most gross element of all in our experience, Earth is a very warm & a loving energy. She is our divine mother as she has unconditionally given us source of life throughout the history of this planet. The physical manifestation of our bodies is only a journey of gathering more matter or cells since conception. Earth has the power to show us who we are. 'What you eat is what you become!' Sattvic food & physical exercise is enhance the Prithvi tatva. Learn Earth Element meditations & techniques. Coming Soon

2. Water Element, Jala Tatva: 

Water is life energy. When the atoms loosen themselves up, the ice melts transforming into water. Flexibility & going with the flow are its nature. Water bends & blends with everything. Earth is covered with 72% water out of which most is salt water, one of the strongest & most powerful medium to cleanse energy pollution. Our bodies are approximately 60% water & plays a very important role in keeping us alive. Most people will die without water for 3 days.

Learn Water Element meditations & techniques. Coming Soon

3. Fire Element, Agni Tatva: 

A very powerful healer, agni instantly purifies the energy body as soon as it comes in our energy radius. Agni is also the least present element in our experience. Agni is the energy of change & death. Mass karmic purification of souls happens by fire in wars, accidents, explosions, etc. This energy can be utilised for spiritual unfoldment. Agni digests the food we eat & converts it into energy molecules.

Learn Fire Element meditations & techniques. Coming Soon

4. Air Element, Vayu Tatva: 

We can feel the wind blowing the hair yet we cannot see it. The sense of smell & its effect on our brain is a science explored by humans for thousands of years. We breathe more than oxygen. We breathe energy. Sensitive people can feel energy at all times. Breath is our connection to Vayu Tatva. Practising any breathing technique will boost your connection with Vayu Tatva.

Learn Air Element meditations & techniques. Coming Soon

5. Space, Ether, Akash Tatva: 

The most subtlest & hence the most powerful of them all. It exists everywhere in our physical universe. There is space within the atomic & sub-atomic particles as well as in between distant galaxies. Akash is ever expanding & is the key to our growing universe. Akash is infinite & yet exists in between all thoughts, words & actions. It creates distance & allows healing through self realisation.

Learn Space Element meditations & techniques. Coming Soon