The Mystery of Light

In the spiritual community, the word light is very popular. We healers have learnt to use light in great many ways. light remains a mystery beyond our dimension.

There are two main categories of light in the human experience:

Physical Light comes from the sun. This is visible to the naked eye & is responsible for the sense of sight. Watching a rainbow on a drizzly morning is a great wonder of light. Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Light functions on the principle of reflection & refraction. We can see light because it reflects. A triangular prism disperses a beam of white light in the rainbow colour spectrum. The longest wavelengths become red and the shortest wavelengths become violet. When a particular surface reflects all lights falling on it, the colour white is visible & when it absorbs all lights falling on it, the colour black is visible.

Astral Light is present everywhere across the universe. We can download this light using the crown chakra. The best way is to get initiated by a spiritual guru. Different gurus open your chakras in different ways. Our crown chakra is our connection to the higher self which is part of everything that exists. Many have seen this immortal part of the universe as white or golden light. In meditation, I once had a vision of a living serpent like white light energy with a golden touch present within me.

Although few in number, humans have known this phenomenon for thousands of years. In modern era, spiritual sources is now easily available to everyone & also growing faster everyday because we as a society are being transformed into 5th Dimensional beings. Light can very well be the fifth dimension or higher.

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