The Money Experience

One the most overinflated part of our everyday existence in the 3D.


All the money on Earth is useless without the presence of human beings nor did it exist before us. We have created Money & also allowed it to take control of our society. Take a deeper look and you will understand that the creators of the modern money system have deliberately used fear driven believes to control the masses, keeping them in fear.


Money is just an energy like everything else. That’s why we call it Energy Exchange in the spiritual community. The key is to vibrate love energies and attract money in your life in a loving way. For this to happen in the most natural way, exactly opposite to fear believes, all the existing fear beliefs have to be deleted from the system one at a time.


The Money Experience:

We experience money in the form of giving and receiving. Money is an exchange of energy. Energy which is used in manufacturing the product & provision of a service.


“Net worth is directly proportional to Self Worth” the love equation with your inner child.


Giving Money for quality energy is a great form of exchange. Most people give money because they get something in return. This is the way today’s society functions. This form of giving can be called as Spending.


Giving Money without expecting anything in return creates a positive momentum. This momentum adds up in the karmic bank & brings pleasant surprises in your life experience. This form of giving is called Karma Yoga.


Receiving money is easier than giving as most people are conditioned to accumulate it. Money gives them a sense of security. Yet with all the money in the world, most of the billionaires are not happy within on their death beds. Steve Jobs said, “I have wasted my entire life earning money” before his death. True security is within us & the experience of truth dissolves all fear.


There are many of us who don’t enjoy their work and only to it to earn a living. This kind of living is animalistic in nature & is absolutely the opposite of our purpose of human life. Our purpose is to create, live & express love, to realise & choose love & light in this duality. The only purpose of darkness is to show us light, for without darkness light cannot exist & vice versa. Most of us love dwelling in darkness & becoming victims.


How is all this relevant with Money?


We have many successful persons in our world & very few peacemakers. The balance has already started changing & you are one of the peacemakers reading this. Peacemakers are always taken care of. Money is never a problem unless there is lesson to be learnt without it.


Observe popular peacemakers like Dalai Lama, Esther Hicks, Osho, Sadguru, Eckart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Baba Ramdev & the list goes on, They are all taken care of. Everything that they need, want or desire is given to them because they live in absolute trust & harmony with the creating forces.


Work for money then becomes one of many sources of energy exchange. Gifts, Sponsors, & Donations are quite popular ways of attracting abundance. The universe always takes care of all her children. He provides for everyones’s survival. Beyond struggle & survival is where life happens & the real human experience begins.

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