10 Indications of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is become a trend in the modern era as more and more individuals are starting an inward journey. These are 10 Indications of Spiritual Awakening that gives you a great map for your inward evolution and makes you aware of egoistic awakening.

1. Your body starts to process any kind of food very fast & rejects meat completely. You develop a loving taste for raw fruits & veggies.

2. Past painful emotions surface & you are in a blissful awareness processing it all. You are conscious enough to recognise your emotions surfacing & can even regress into past lives while clearing the emotional baggage.

3. Calmness in Chaos. Your mind becomes naturally quiet & thoughtless for longer periods. The usual day to day drama doesn’t create a chain of rustling thoughts. There are rare outbursts for everyone.

4. Breath Mastery: You starts to breathe very slowly & are able to hold the breath for long duration. As a result the process of life slows down allowing you to experience every moment in its pure blissful existence.

5. Moments of Stillness: Your eyes automatically close when there is nothing to do & it’s not sleep. Your body is fully at rest yet you are conscious & aware of everything around.

6. Development of Psychic Abilities: Your crown & third eye chakra is now activated greatly giving you access to several psychic powers.

7. Sixth Sense Activation: You can sense positive & negative energies everywhere. Whether it’s a restaurant, a person or a hotel room, you know it all.

8. Source Energy Activation: The negative energies do not affect you anymore because you are now beaming positivity everywhere. Your source energy is fully active & your presence is powerful.

9. Self Study: You start taking out time for spiritual practice everyday. Time alone is purely blissful without any feeling of loneliness. This is the most important point as many awakened humans start to develop spiritual arrogance & decide they know it all.

10. Miracle Manifestation. Moments of pure bliss are in your everyday experience without a reason & miracles are now a common experiences.