Yogasana for a Healthy & Fit Physical Body

Yogasana or Yogic Postures, in the modern days, is a term used for various postures useful for restoring and maintaining a practitioner’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and improve the vitality of the body by releasing the energy blockages.


Yogasanas are designed to have specific effects on the endocrine system, internal organs and to alter electrochemical activity in the nervous system.


Breath connects the body & the mind. Practicing yogic postures & breathing simultaneously opens up the blocked energy channels. By focusing the body weight on specific energy points on our physical body, one can direct the breath & open up those regions of the body.


A minimum 30 minute routine keeps the physical body in pristine health. Depending upon the capacity & commitment of a practitioner, the routine may vary from once a week to everyday.


The perfect time for your practise is after you wake up & that can be at noon for the late nights. Its best to eat a fruit 15 minutes before you start


A Yogis Regime:

Yogasana: 30-45 mins
Breath-work: 20-30 mins
Yogic Sleep: 10-15 mins