Pancha Pranas: The Five Important Life Forces In The Human Body

There are 5 major life forces, Panch Pranas & 5 minor life forces, Upa Pranas, that control & maintain the functioning of our pranic body.

Vyana Vayu: It is a diffusive life force & controls circulation & movement in the physical body. It is located in the peripheral nervous system & pervades in the entire body. Blockages in Vyana Vayu lead to poor peripheral circulation & numbness.

Udana Vayu: It is an ascending life force & controls thought, speech, growth & nervous system. It is located in the chest upwards till the head. Blockages in Udana Vayu lead to cognition, communication problems.

Prana Vayu: It is an inward moving & controls respiratory & sensory systems. It is located in the chest heart & lungs. Blockages in Prana Vayu lead to lethargy, heart & lung problems.

Samana Vayu: It is an equalising life force & controls digestion, homeostasis & metabolism. It is located in the navel. Blockages in Samana Vayu lead to digestive problems.

Apana Vayu: It is a descending life force & controls respiratory & sensory systems. It is located below the navel to the feet. Blockages in Apana Vayu lead to menstrual, sexual & excretory problems like constipation, bleeding etc.

Additional there are also 5 secondary life forces called Upa Pranas that assist the Primary Panch Pranas. Naag Vayu: It is present in the abdomen area & maintains pranic balance burping, Kurma Vayu: blinking, Krukal Vayu: sneezing & coughing, Devadatta Vayu: Yawning Dhananjaya Vayu: doesn’t allow the ghost to enter the body