11 Signs of a Modern Yogi

Yoga is an ancient science for overall human well being. Yoga is mainly popular for its physical form. Learning & practising only Yogasanas is great for us but it is only the tip of the iceberg.


The only purpose of Yogasanas are to prepare the body to sit in meditation for long hours for higher spiritual awakenings. As you walk towards this journey, life will give you a few signs:


  • Your body starts to process any kind of food very fast & rejects meat completely.
  • Past painful emotions surface & you are in a blissful awareness processing it.
  • Your mind becomes naturally quiet & thoughtless for longer periods
  • You starts to breathe very slowly & can hold the breath for long duration.
  • Your eyes automatically close when there is nothing to do
  • Moments of pure bliss are in your everyday experience without a reason
  • You already come to know about certain events that are going to happen
  • You can sense positive & negative energies everywhere.
  • The negative energies do not affect you anymore.
  • You crave time alone for personal healing everyday
  • Time alone is purely blissful without any feeling of loneliness.