Thoughts and Belief

A normal human being, on an average, has 50,000-70,000 thoughts everyday.

This means we have 1 thought every split second.


Can you imagine the amount of mental energy used up everyday?


Thoughts emerge because of differences in electrical potential from chemical reactions, transmitted via neurones through synapses which have dendrites.

Basically thoughts come from triggering computation via electricity produced electrochemically from glucose and/or ketones. The more you understand on the physical level, the more complicated it gets.

Thoughts are simple energetic waves or imprints that are downloaded as vibrations & translated into words by the mind for understanding the human experience. The quality & quantity of thoughts depends on the quality & quantity of emotions processed & suppressed.


Belief is a group of thoughts that share similar emotional source & are repeated over a period of time in a cyclic pattern.

For example a small child is taught that it is dangerous to play football. This vibrates respective frequencies constantly. A day comes when the child plays football & it becomes dangerous in some way. Now a strong limiting belief is formed.

Overtime the belief gets more & more stronger because of the repeated experience resulting in a major accident where the boy cant play football anymore.

All this can be avoided & the future can be changed by removing these limiting believes one at a time & creating positive & empowering believes simultaneously.