Origin of Yoga

The origin of yoga is often considered to be Sage Patanjali through his Yoga Sutras.

We consider him the father of Yoga because he put the teachings of yoga in a written form.

Is it fair to say that Yoga originated here?

As an expert meditator, I believe all the knowledge of the past and future exists in the eternal NOW and the writings below come from this infinite source.

To understand the origin of yoga we need to first understand the oldest text available to us, The Vedas.

The Vedas are considered as old as the universe given to humans by the creator himself. The oldest written text Rig veda is about 5000 years old. Before writing the vedic knowlegde was orally taught and passed for several generations.

When creation happens, the Vedas are born.

The Vedas exist in the subtle vibratory form that reverberates throughout the universe until the end of creation itself.

An expert meditator can listen to the Vedas in deep silence, decode them and understand the wisdom of the universe.

The Vedas know about creation, destruction and everything in between.

It is not a religious holy scripture but a scientific observation and explanation of everything that exists and doesn't exist which also means that Yoga and everything associated with Yoga comes from this source.

In simple words, The Vedas are the origin of Yoga and everything else whether Eastern or Western science.

Western modern science calls yoga not part of the Hindu religion and a scientific provable technique.

In my point of view, the limited ability to prove only physical yoga asanas and their benefits on the human body and anatomical observations is an insult to an ancient science that is the mother of all sciences.

Even the widely accepted Patanjali's Yoga Sutras merely state two sutras on yoga asanas.

The remaining sutras explain the mind and existence beyond the mind.

In my humble critical approach towards modern science, I believe that scientists must spend more time in meditation to understand life and sciences beyond the physical since their tools are unable to observe and analyse the ancient sciences.