How To Find & Know An Enlightened Master

There are certain guidelines for a spiritual guide. I believe they are for the betterment of the society.

Today people on psychedelics like lsd & marijuana are teaching enlightenment. Some guides kill some students thinking they are giving them enlightenment by death. Some are using sex as a way to teach.

A spiritual guide must teach enlightenment & for that the guide has to experience that state which can usually happen by the grace of enlightened masters.

Less than 1%actually reach self enlightenment without the guidance of an enlightened master & you won’t find these people on Facebook for sure. Infact you won’t find these people at all because they don’t want to be found.

For a spiritual seeker, learning comes for everything & everyone as I have already share with rinpoche. Even a rock, a grain of sand & other non living things can teach you. I believe one attracts the kind of real/fake guide according to individual levels.

To a blind person, even the brightest light appears as darkness. The purpose of light is to keep shining until the person opens their eyes.

To get a human birth, one has to become transcend in 83,99,999 species. To understand the spirit, one has to work for many human lives.

To experience enlightenment it takes at least a 1000 lives after understanding the spirit.

Hence the Dalai Lama is special & so are many other yogis in the Himalayas. Hence there was only 1 Jesus Christ in trillions & trillions of humans.

Love & Light.