A Deeper Understanding in Pain

Pain is a great teacher. When unprocessed pain causes chaos.

Pain is experienced on many levels. We only become aware of it when it manifests in the physical body as a disease or an ailment and threatens our survival. Most of us ignore our emotional & mental pain by using various means of external distraction & stimulation. This can only suppress the pain for so long. When the baggage becomes too much it first manifests as small physical signs. If ignored, they grow & its time to run to a doctor for help.

This is the key moment where a revolution has to take place in the field of health & healing.

Doctors function purely on the physiological level & therefore put you on legal pharmaceutical drugs with side effects or cut away the infected cells in the physical body. This is a temporary solution because the emotional pain manifests again. This game goes on till death & the health industry is becoming a business playground with 5-star suites available to die. I have enormous compassion for them as they are doing the best they can with the limited knowledge available to them.

All we have to do is acknowledge & allow the emotional pain, which is only trying to get processed to teach us the lesson that we were meant to learn years ago. The only reason it stays till death is because we allow it to. A human being is perfectly capable of living in a healthy pain free young body till he chooses to leave & goes beyond the circles of life & death.

Crying is Bad is a limiting belief that is the root cause of so much suppressed emotional pain in most of us. When a baby falls down or is shouted at, it feels pain and cries to release it. After releasing this pain, it goes back to a happy state of being or sleeps to recover the energy used. Denial of this experience creates a dangerous pattern. We are afraid to cry amidst people because we feel it makes us weak & we fear judgement from them. Our society is conditioned in this way. Yet once we successfully change this belief around for everyone, a society living in peace & harmony is just around the corner.

As adults the human mind finds very difficult to process all this pain. There is so much that we don’t know where to start. Some of us make an unconscious choice to forget our childhood completely & some have forgotten how it felt. The good news is there are master techniques to dig up the past & heal it. These techniques are actually very gentle and feel great.

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