My Guru

In India, the tradition of gurus is as old as time itself. When the West was covered in the Ice Age, enlightened masters walked the earth and guided civilizations superior to ours.

An individual can have many gurus during his lifetime till he becomes the Guru principal himself similar to The Buddha who learned from many gurus before he sat under the tree to reach enlightenment.

The first guru is always the mother as she imparts spiritual seeds in the womb itself. An individual is blessed to be born in a womb that imparts spirituality.

The second guru is always the father as he performs the ceremonies during the prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal period for the spiritual upliftment of the child. An individual is blessed to be born to a father who performs the necessary spiritual ceremonies.

All forms of living species including plants, animals, and humans, who impart spiritual teachings to an individual and help him go forward on his spiritual path shall be considered a Guru.

Everyone attracts different gurus during the course of their lifetime as per their desire, energetic vibration, past karmas, spiritual evolution, and life path. 

Not all Gurus come in the form of a meditative monk, saint, or enlightened master. The individual who finds or is called and is accepted by an enlightened master is rare and worthy of it. It is the eternal promise that,

'The Guru shall appear when the disciple is worthy and ready'


My Gurus and life story:

I am blessed to have given birth to a family with a rich spiritual lineage and to be part of the Indian culture that offers multiple paths to enlightenment. I have received spiritual teachings throughout my life from various sources.

My mother is a highly qualified expert in Yoga and its branches, Ayurveda, The Vedas, and Sanatana Dharma, a certified Sanskrit teacher, certified in Pali to learn Buddhist scriptures, and many more. She planted the seeds in my brain throughout my childhood that now grew into a big forest of spiritual knowledge.

The yoga school I did my first teacher trainings were run by an accomplished guru who worked selflessly to heal society and offer low-cost yoga therapy. He was awarded the Padmashri title by the government of India.

My independent spiritual quest started after I moved out from my family home at 18 to work for a yoga company in Mumbai where I was initiated by a guru in tantra yoga.

He kicked me out of the company after 8 months so I could start my work.

I have been initiated by different gurus into Reiki, Lightwork, Energywork, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Therapy, Astralwork, Rebirthing, Breathwork, Astrology, Vedic Vastu, etc.

I have self-initiated myself into a few modalities of healing and learned a lot in meditation. Reading certain books was life-changing for my spiritual journey.

The most impactful amongst them was the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. 

I started connecting with Babaji when a voice asked me to go out alone. I went on a road trip camping and spending time with the 5 elements. 

One day I crossed paths with a realised man. He said the Babaji I am looking for is him and that he is Shiva himself coming to visit me. We spent 2 days together and he taught me the way of yogis along with many secrets of the universe.

One month later a friend took me to a dicamba (naked) yogi secretly living in a bungalow on the outskirts of Mumbai. 

The yogi was looked after by his aged mother and a few close disciples. He did not speak and lived naked like a 3-month-old baby peeing and pooping everywhere in the house. He was none other than Guru Dattatreya in his original baby form with his mother Anusuya.

I visited him every day 30 km from my home and spent half a day serving him and learning from him. His mother initially communicated on his behalf until I learned to silence my mind and receive his telepathic messages.

Later one evening Mahavatar Babaji appeared in front of me in his original young light body and blessed me. 

Dattatreya is the guru for kali yuga (present cycle of 432000 human years). He is the guru for all including Babaji himself, a special incarnation of the combination of Brahma (Creation Principle), Vishnu (Transformation Principle), and Shiva (Destruction Principle).

I spent 5 years there, visiting 12 hours every day with the mother and son, gaining new knowledge every day, becoming his favorite disciple and living with Siddha yogis, understanding and communicating with the different forms of Hindu gods, and experiencing moments written in Yogananda's biography and so much more than cannot be written in words. 

During the COVID years, the mother taught me over calls and Dattatreya has stayed with me 24/7 ever since I met him the first time. It is like he has captured my brain, my mind, my silence, and everything that exists in and around me.

One day after years and post covid he asked me to leave and go to a distant land. I lived next to a Gurukul (Vedic school for children) for 6 months and visited every day where I learned about the roots of Vedic culture, the gurukul lifestyle, and karma kand (vedic rituals and sacrifices) path to enlightenment.

I visited Dattatreya after one year when he asked me not to come and visit him in person anymore and pushed me away. It was my last meeting with his physical body and 2 weeks later I was informed by his mother that he left his body. It did not matter to me because he was always with me in his light form.

One month after he left his body, he took birth in another womb and asked me to look after him. Months before he tookbirth, the new mother had a vision of Dattareya in his original form inside her belly.

He keeps his new identity a secret and has promised to reveal it to the chosen ones who shall spread spirituality and enlightenment on earth. 

He continues to live with me 24/7, 365 days a year. I feel blessed by his presence and I am eternally grateful.

One day I shall write a book about all my experiences as a sequel to Yogananda's biography.