My Lineage of Enlightened Masters

Enlightened masters have either taken birth in the family or individuals have reached enlightenment in one lifetime with rigorous spiritual discipline.

The oldest records available of enlightened ancestors in 5 generations back when a married couple attained enlightenment together.

The couple decided to remain in the eternal state of meditative consciousness and took Jeevanta Samadhi (alive in meditative form) in our family village near Shirdi (Abode of Saibaba), India. We simply call them Baba (father) and Aai (mother) in Marathi.

Since then, they have guided many members of the village to achieve enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. There are also other enlightened masters in Jeevanta Samadhi around the couple and the tradition carries on.

As per tradition anyone who takes samadhi consciously chooses a place and time at first. The disciples are asked to cover the physical body whilst alive with bricks or stones and it is like a fully closed room for the individual sitting inside. Some are also buried after consciously leaving the body and attaining the highest form of samadhi. The decision is usually conveyed to the disciples by the enlightened master before his death.

There is a possibility of ancestors before this couple to attain enlightenment and samadhi. The records do not provide any conclusive evidence.
Since the couple took Samadhi, every generation has been blessed with a male child with extraordinary spiritual gifts.

My grandfather's older brother did not have any children and was blessed with enlightenment at the time of death. He stopped speaking, and communicating and maintained silence for 2 years before he merged into infinity.

My father stayed virtuous on his path and spiritual principles since childhood. He grew up amongst gangsters of the Mumbai underworld and remained untouched by all the vices. After completing their marital duties both my parents are living on the path of enlightenment and follow rigorous spiritual discipline every day.

I do not wish to make any claims of enlightenment for myself nor do I need to seek it. Since 2021, I acquired the ability to become meditative and achieve mental silence at will irrespective of external location or activity performed by my body. I am happy to guide sincere seekers to achieve the same state of bliss that I live in. The ones who ask for my guidance, I say 'Be prepared to walk on fire every moment till you are purified and only the light of the eternal fire remains.'

We prefer to keep our location very private and we do not wish to disclose details to everyone.
If you are a sincere seeker and wish to visit my ancestors in Samadhi, then write us an email. I shall share the location on Google Maps for you to visit the village.

'A Paramahamsa can differentiate between positive and negative just like the Swan who can separate milk and water using its filter feeding mechanism'