YOGA 5D Enlighten Earth offers bespoke retreats for individuals, couples, families, private groups, schools and children.

Individual Retreat: A 1-1 private retreat with Mr.  Vairat. Benefit from all his expertise, focus and energy to build the body, master the mind and see the soul.

Couple Retreat: A 2-1 private retreat with Mr. Vairat. Couple retreats are beneficial to intensify spiritual connection between couples, rejuvenate lost love, energetic harmony, lifestyle and baby plannings.

Family Retreat: A family is a unique set of individual energies living together with their requirements. Conflicts arise between them when needs are not met and there is energetic imbalance. 
A family retreat focuses on improving bonds between family members, love sharing exercises, true communication exercises, life planning and energetic harmony.

Group Retreat: A group retreat is a cheaper option to individual retreat where participants in smaller numbers benefit from the expertise of Mr. Vairat and gain his insights in their individual paths.

Kids Retreat: A kids retreat is designed for children in specific age group like 5-7, 8-12, 12-16, etc. The age group, goals and design is bespoke to your requirement.
Parental approval is mandatory for kids to participate in this retreat.

Book a retreat introduction session to know more.

All programmes are conducted in English language.