Introduction to Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychology is a proven science to identify and measure the impact of the external surroundings on the human psyche.

There are two types of approaches. The easier approach is to create a new environment and design it for 100 percent positivity. The challenging approach is to change a negative environment into a positive one.

The challenge lies in making it 100% positive. There are different techniques used to measure this energetic impact in any environment and identify the sources of negative vibrations. Solution is usually provided by assessing the type of negative energy source in the environment.

In the modern tech savvy world, the negative sources are similar in most houses. As we have moved away from nature and closer to electromagnetic radiations that are invisible and score a high number on the negative vibratory frequencies.

The modern human being spends most of his time at home and office. The energy present in these spaces has a major impact on the individual energy. Hence, it is very important to create positivity and high vibrations in both these spaces.

The space we live and work in changes our vibration and also impacts the stress level. It is a proven science and corporates know this.

The resources are used to find solutions outside rather than inside. There is neither enough emphasis and time given to create a major impact nor money spent in the mental and emotional wellness of the employees.

The golden rule is to know that everything that looks good is not positive energy just because it stimulates your eyes. An energetic inquiry must be made into the environment and every object in that space to determine whether it is positive or negative energy. The sum of it all is the energy of the space. Environmental Psychology was first used as Styapathiveda (Vastu Shastra) by the ancient societies in Indian sub-continent and Feng-shui by the north asian countries.

Nature’s Reverse Psychology Earth is rotating on its axis and the sun at a very high speed. Earth rotates on its axis from west to east that is perceived in the exact opposite way. As the earth spins, a powerful force revolves the planet similar to a wet tennis ball spinning and water sprinkling in a circumference spiral. This creates a geomagnetic force around the planet similar to The outer world is driven by the laws of cause and effect. Our experience of the external is through the five senses.

Every mind processes life experiences with different perceptions. The uniqueness of each human brain gives us the ability to process information in our distinct ways. This process is determined by many internal factors starting from the firing pattern of neutrons, the social and culture upbringing, childhood and external influences. Together all these create our sub-conscious mental patterns that influence our daily decision making, likes and dislikes, etc.

The eternal truth is that everything is energy divided into positive and negative vibrations. The environment around us creates a significant impact on our vibratory levels. This impact is felt in our minds in the form of positive and negative emotions that give meaning to our life experiences. A simple example is we feel positive spending time in nature and stressed in corporate offices.

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