Vedic Astrology Personality And Life Report

The service offers a 16 page detailed report of your life path and personality as per the Vedic astrology calculations using the 9 planets and the 27 constellation methods.

Vedic Astrology calculations deliver a detailed analysis of different areas of a human being. The areas included in the report are Personality, Inner Works(mind), Learning and Education, Your Speciality, Action Response, Passion and Interests, Health, Family, Romance and Marriage, People and Social Response, Career, Property, Spirituality, Travel and General Overview.

Kindly submit the Vedic Astrology booking form. The Vedic Astrology Personality And Life Report shall be sent to the registered email within 72 working hours or earlier at best.

The Introductory Session works best after you have read the 16-page basic report for the horoscope. It is advised to do a basic analysis to benefit most from the introductory session.

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Price : 250 EUR

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