Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the oldest form of physically applied therapy to cure sickness, diseases and ailments. The yogic approach is equally effective for the new-age psychosomatic disorders of the body and mind.

Yogasanas integrated with breathing techniques open up blocked energy, release stress, remove muscular tension, stimulate the endocrine glands, balance hormone secretion, heal internal organs, alter electrochemical activity in the nervous system and so much more.

Yogasanas when practiced by focusing the body weight on specific meridian points in our physical body and directing pranic flow using the breath, opens up those regions of the body.

Ancient yogic texts guide us to hold a few postures for long durations for maximum results. This form of traditional yoga asanas is best for therapeutic practice and gives better results. Each posture is practised for 3-5 minutes with a steady, normal, deep and comfortable breathing rhythm.

An expert yoga trainer chooses the bespoke postures as per the requirement to give the desired results, heal the problem and achieve the target. 

'Less gives you more'

Time : 90 Min

Price : 150 EUR

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