Introduction to Spiritual Childbirth

The introductory session explains in detail the entire process of spiritual childbirth, committment requirements and gives answers to all the doubts and questions.

Childbirth is a natural process of reproduction which begins when a couple decides to consciously or subconsciously consummate the relationship or marriage. 

Spiritual birthing uses a group of techniques to attract positive energy into the womb. The techniques are developed by enlightened beings who understand the mysteries of birth and death.

Spiritual birth starts during a spiritual marriage or at the time of conscious consummation of the relationship. The couple is required to undergo training in spiritual union and learn techniques for spiritual sex.

There are several techniques used during the pre-natal, childbirth process and post-natal period to make sure the energy of the child is highly positive and free from negativity. 

A perfect spiritual childbirth has the potential to attract an enlightened master into the family. These children often transform the family and reform the society.

The process of spiritual childbirth requires commitment mental and physical, trust in the universe and the ability to follow instructions and multiple techniques.

The level of your time dedication and spiritual practice shall decide the level of positivity that is attracted in the womb and the family.

Time : 120 Min

Price : 350 EUR

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