Separation and Divorce Counselling for Couples

The focus is to address problems and issues faced between couples and providing solutions for both individuals in the relationship.

In general, the human mind seeks happiness from external sources. This tendency is much more active in close relationships. Problems usually occur when one or both partners are not getting happiness from the relationship. Blame games and mind games happen in relationships where happiness from the counterpart is missing. The mind goes to any extent to keep this external stimulation from the counterpart. The statements 'I miss you' and 'You complete me' are like a clicking time bomb, waiting for a relationship disaster to happen in the future.

The general solution is to find inner peace and happiness for both partners and develop a mutually beneficial relationship model that is practical, emotionally independent and creates a safe environment for the family, especially the children. The goal is to achieve spiritual growth together and harmony in physical communion.

If unable to achieve peace or at the request of both partners, a mutually beneficial plan for separation and divorce is suggested after assessing the specific situations.

If children are involved, it is necessary to minimise the emotional trauma of family separation to them to achieve good mental health for them.

Time : 120 Min

Price : 300 EUR

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