Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy or Relationship coaching is often perceived necessary when couples hit roadblocks and wish to rejuvinate their relationship.

We carry our past unresolved baggage in every new relationship that blows up occasionally and often couples blame each other for these situations.

There is much more to explore and evolve as couples.

Relationships are enlightening and guide us to resolve our deep-rooted problems when perceived correctly.

Intimate relationships are successful when both individuals get connected from the spiritual and energy plane.

The level of intimacy is highest when the kundalini is awake, the chakras are connected and energies harmonised.

It is very normal for couples to feel each other when they are physically distant and communicate without speaking.

The goal of every relationship is a communion that happens when a couple energies meet and become one.

Mr. Vairat has coached couples from different backgrounds having different kinds of problems.

Under his guidance, couples find a path to a new life together or end their relationships with peaceful separation and friendliness.

Time : 120 Min

Price : 300 EUR

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