Introductory Session for Individual

Every individual is required to start with a mandatory introductory session of 2 hours where we better understand each other.

Individuals are requested to complete the registration form before or during the session. The form is available for online submission.

The mind is uniquely programmed by our life experiences.

Every individual requires special attention and care to start an inward journey.

The mental and spiritual work becomes very easy in a safe and confidential space.

Mr. Vairat creates this space for your practice.

The purpose is to understand your mind, life problems, past experiences, personality type, and psychic abilities and assess your energy field.

Mr. Vairat guides you with the best course of action and a bespoke pathway to inner peace is spontaneously tailor-made to give you optimum results.

We explore your requirements in details and give you the fastest way to achieve the target with your personality type.

Time : 120 Min

Price : 250 EUR

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