Mental Health for Children

Child coaching is often perceived as necessary when children have special needs or suffer from psychological problems. Children must be educated to analyse thoughts and feel emotions from an early age to become successful and happy adults. 
Impressions are created in the mind from the prenatal state. The birth and initial upbringing create the initial impressions inside the subconscious mind. 
Children learn from the environment and people that they are exposed to as they grow up. 
All parents give their best to create a positive and healthy upbringing for the child yet there are factors beyond parental control that influence children and attract them towards negativity. 
Society, culture, digital exposure, etc. impact the thought and emotional patterns. 
Since most adults are not 100% positive, children often pick up negative behavioural patterns and traits. 
Traumas and phobias are very easily unnoticed till adulthood due lack of knowledge and awareness. 
A large number of diseases and ailments are psycho-somatic. 
It is very easy to resolve these in the initial stages when the seeds are just beginning to grow in the mind. 
Most of the problems are cured by resolving childhood traumas. 

A child expert identifies and resolves subtle underlying problems and prevents painful situations that may occur in the future as adults. An expert can control and provide solutions for new-age sicknesses like ADHD, ADHS, ADD, ADS, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia and other similar mind-related disorders. It is also possible to provide solutions through mental and emotional training for sicknesses and diseases in the physical body.

The Child Consultancy service focuses on the bespoke requirement of the child and provides effective solutions for the problems.

Time : 60 Min

Price : 150 EUR

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