Emotional Freedom Techniques

The Tapping form of Emotional Freedom Techniques uses the knowledge of energy meridians from ancient Eastern philosophy and the works of Sigmund Freud in modern psychology.

EFT is now widely used all across the world.

This technique has cured many ailments and diseases which stood declared incurable by allopathy & modern medicine.

By tapping on the energy points in the body with other inputs, EFT triggers a natural healing response that permanently cures physical, emotional, and mental pain.

Scientific studies have proven EFT is effective for physical, mental, and emotional problems like anxiety/stress, depression, fears and phobias, financial blocks, addictions, excess weight, low self-esteem, sleep disorders, IBS, multiple sclerosis, allergies, inferiority complexes, eating disorders, migraines, fibromyalgia, Diabetes, inferiority complexes, physical, emotional & sexual trauma.

Sudip’s expertise gives you accurate guidance in navigating through thoughts, emotions and memories in your subconscious mind. EFT enables you to delete painful negative emotions and beliefs at will.

EFT Tapping on Meridian Points Prana flows through the Pranic Body facilitated by an intricate network of energy and subtle channels called Meridians.

Tapping on Meridian Points opens your Energy Channels aka Nadis, enabling fee flow of the lifeforce necessary to sustain your physical vitality and to balance your emotional well-being.

Tapping on meridian points integrating kinesiology Meridians establish the subtle-physical interface of acceptance and allowance.

Time : 120 Min

Price : 250 EUR

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