Kundalini And Chakra Activation

The seven chakras exist in different areas along the spinal cord.

The first chakra is at the tail bone and the seventh chakra is on the top of the head.

These are the main energy vortexes where the 72,000 energy channels intersect and control your energy system.

The blockages in these energy channels are responsible for manifesting ailments, disorders, diseases, negative thoughts and emotions, etc.

Mr. Vairat has worked with the chakra system for over ten years and has the ability to identify blockages and imbalances in the energy system.

He removes these negative energies, activating and balancing your entire energy system.

Aura cleansing is an advanced level where all energy channels get inspected for blockages and imbalances.

Mr. Vairat removes all energetic imbalances and blockages without any effort from the mediator.

Advanced energy practitioners can opt for aura cleansing for a more profound experience.

Time : 120 Min

Price : 250 EUR

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