Pranayama Breathing Techniques

Pranayamas are different breathing techniques to control the breath by dynamic inhalation, exhalation and breath holds. In the practices of Pranayamas, four important aspects of the breath are used: controlled inhalation, controlled exhalation, controlled internal retention of breath and controlled external retention of breath. A combination of multiple breathing techniques is used to achieve specific results as per the requirement of the session.

Pranayamas help in the activation of different lobes of the lungs, expansion of the lungs, increasing breath-holding capacity, and increasing the flow of oxygen and vital energy in the body. They influence the flow of vital energy through the energy channels in the human body, allowing the practitioner to attain a higher state of vibration, energy and awareness.

Pranayamas are also practised after Yogasanas, sports and all forms of physical exercises as a cooling down technique. An integrated approach involves the practice of specific breathing techniques with dynamic movement and holding postures, for optimum and faster results. The techniques used for different physical activities are customised as per the requirement of the practitioner.

The practice of pranayama with Yogasanas enables the practitioner to maintain the postures for a longer duration as more oxygen is provided to the muscles, using the entire potential of the practitioner in every part of the session. It also increases the lung capacity and acts as a catalyst to achieve optimum benefits and results from the session.

Time : 60 Min

Price : 125 EUR

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