Visit for Energy Analysis (Home/Office)

Book a private visit to your home, office or any other desired place for a detailed positive and negative energy analysis of the space.

There are scientific tools and methods available to measure positive and negative energy in the environment. An energy expert can make a detailed analysis of the incoming and outgoing areas and gateways for positive and negative energy flow in any space. These are backed by the 6th sense, an activated third eye chakra, to know positive and negative energy.

Every corner of the environment and every visible object is inspected for positive and negative energy during the visit. It is recommended to keep the environment clean, and free from clutter and the desired objects for analysis in a visible location during the time of the visit.

A detailed chart is provided at the end of the analysis of negative objects in the environment, negative energy gateways, changes in interior design, changes in architectural structure or remedies to block negative energy without structure change and any other source of negative energy in the environment.

The chart also includes effective solutions to increase the positive energy flow into the environment. The positive energy flow is created as your desired result. For example, it is recommended to create more energy of wealth, abundance and prosperity for the office environment whereas love, harmony and peace are ideal for the home environment. A big budget includes all-around results.

It is recommended to also book the Negative Energy Cleansing Service for home, office or any other desired place along with the Energy Analysis Service for best results.

An additional charge is applicable for travel duration and weekend visits. The amount shall be communicated after booking and before the visit.

Time : 180 Min

Price : 500 EUR

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