5 Sheaths of A Human Body

The human experience extends way beyond the physical body.

There are other bodies simultaneously functioning along with the physical.

We take a deeper look into all the 5 bodies below:


Annamayya Kosha (Physical Body): 

The physical body is the most relevant to us in our human experience.

We are mostly conscious at this level.

Manifestation of pain, ailments & diseases in the physical body is the last attempt to seek a solution.

Failing to do so results in the death of the physical body.


Pranamaya Kosha (Pranic Body): 

The Pranic body, also called breathing body, is made up of 72,000 Nadis, channels in which energy flows & 7 major chakras, the energy vortexes.

Yogic breathing techniques, Kriyas, Yogasanas, etc. open up the blockages in the Nadis maintaining smooth flow of vital life energy throughout the system.

The Pranic Body connects the Physical Body to all the other bodies.

We retain every other body in our journey forward after the death of the physical body.


Manomaya Kosha (Mental & Emotional Body): 

The Mind, chitta in sanskrit, is described as a drunken monkey who’s gone crazy all over the place.

This can be experienced as soon as you close your eyes & observe your being.

Thoughts are effects of suppressed & unprocessed emotions stored in the memory.

Processing Emotions is a faster way to get rid of negative thinking & eliminating the pattern permanently.

As you learn to channel your mental energy through the intellect, a yogi can easily transcend dimensions &stretch the boundaries of space-time continuum.


Vidyanamaya Kosha (Intellectual Body): 

Without Intellect you won’t be reading.

The words will look like font designs.

Intellect gives human beings the ability to discriminate between good & evil.

At full potential it gives you the power to absorb & take in only positive energies just like a swan that can extract & drink milk & leave the water behind.

Intellect is also what makes the human experience more special than the animal experience.

All information about past lives & other mysteries of our universe is stored in this body i.e. the subconscious brain.


Anandamaya Kosha (Blissful Body): 

Energy or Vibrational Body, Consciousness, Spirit, Atman, Soul, Jiva, etc. are many names of this kosher.

The experience is pure bliss.

Thoughts don’t exist.

Breathing almost stops & happens unconsciously.

The awareness of the physical body doesn’t exist. T

he power of eternal joy & bliss encompasses all the other kasha’s. This part of us was never born & will never die.

It is immortal & beyond time & space.

Eternal singularity & oneness.